Established in 2008, Lebaohan Corporation; with continuous efforts, we have always been trying to perfect and develop our production, concentrate on the quality of the products and services provided to the customers.

After nearly 10 years since its foundation and development, Lebaohan Corporation has proved that we are one of the leading companies of providing solutions for Interior Design & Construction Services.With quality and good service, Lebaohan Corporation has completed more than 600 projects all over the country that you can easily meet in each and every road, such as: FPT Shop, Vinmart, Vinpro, Bibomart, Coffee House…

With a good, creative and experienced team of engineers in the field of Interior Design & Construction, we are confident to bring our customers the best products and services in the following areas: Interior counseling, designing and constructing; operating constructions like chain of stores, villas, houses, apartments and especially designing and decorating offices, restaurants, hotels, showrooms …

Not only does Lebaohan Corporation simply design but we also focus on architectural solutions, combined interior with feng shui in order to bring the best living space to our customers. Always take the aesthetic, effective and punctual criteria as our working motto, with the enthusiasm of the leaders and staffs, we always finish the constructions on schedule, quality commitment.

In addition, Lebaohan Corporation also invests in producing home furniture and office furniture with high quality imported materials and accessories from Thailand, Italy, Malaysia, Germany and Spain … Our products always meet all needs of customers from the sample to quality of the products with the most competitive prices.


Lebaohan Corporationstrives to become a professional Construction, Trading & Service Company with a strong and stable organization and advanced facilities, modern production equipment. Become a leading multi-disciplinary company in Southeast Asia step by step.


Take our prestige and quality as a valuable measurement of our brand, Lebaohan Corporation aims for a stable development, ensures the benefits of our customers (shareholders, customers using the company’s constructed or provided products), commits to provide our clients with constructions that meet high quality, aesthetic and technical requirements with competitive prices.

       To the customers: Commit to providing the qualities, creativities and breakthroughs in each and every project to the customers.
       To the employees: Commit to bringing the pride and wealthiness to our employees.
       To the shareholders: Commit the maximum value of investment to the shareholders.
       To the society: Life upvaluation through charitable activities, social projects.

Human Resource

At Lebaohan Corporation, on the path to success and development of the company in general and the benefits of our customers in particular, we understand that quality and service efficiency are always associated with the level and qualification of our staffs. In the context that Vietnam’s construction basis is continuously developing, we always try our best to recruit, train and perfect the human resources including the best individuals, with the experience from the international and domestic corporations.

Lebaohan Corporation also focuses on creating a professional working environment, encourages employees to show all their abilities and creativity so as to bring the benefits and maximize the satisfaction of their clients. Therefore, together with the reputation and brand of Lebaohan Corporation, , high quality human resources are the most valuable assets and are the living brand of our prestigious, professional company deserving to be one of the leading company of Design & Construction, interior and advertise in Vietnam.


Over the time, Lebaohan Corporation received more and more trust from customers and strategic partners, which motivated us to always try to completely build up the working machinery to improve the quality of products through each construction. To accompany with the customers in every aspect and to meet the deadline, Lebaohan Corporation has expanded the workshop up to more than 4000m2 in the South and North of Vietnam. This event has marked the new step of Lebaohan Corporation with the establishment of Manufacturing and Executing wooden furniture.Lebaohan Corporation has become a design-construction unit that owns a large-scale furniture workshop with professional production processes.

Lebaohan Corporation , with many years of experience in the profession, each accepted project, whether big or small, we all focus on bringing to customers the construction that meet the quality, aesthetics, science with the best price. The main objective of Lebaohan Corporation is to provide the customers absolute satisfaction and meet all requirements from the investor. We believe and guarantee to always bring to you the furniture with the best, most durable designs and the price is always competitive. Coming to Lebaohan Corporation, customers not only get high quality products at reasonable prices but also receive accurate advices on the products, we always take the benefits of customers to be the top business criteria along with customer service policies, long and fast warranty, maintenance. Customers’ satisfaction is the motivity and stable development of Lebaohan Corporation

Along with the experienced staffs, full of enthusiasm, eager to learn and skill level improvement through each training course, each product is produced and delivered to each construction work always get the highest quality. Lebaohan Corporation is proud to be a reliable partner that will bring to you the best products and services.

Our services:

Consultancy of Interior Design.

Consultancy of Interior Products Arrangement in office, shop or at home …

Consultancy of materials used to produce furniture.

Consultancy of furniture’s prices so that our customers can have information to prepare for interior decoration for their family.

Design home, hotels, offices, apartments, shops … furniture.

Wooden Interior Production:

Wooden wardrobes.

Wooden closets.

Wooden kitchen counters.

Wooden cupboards, cabinets…

Wooden working desk, table, dressing table, study desk…

Other wooden products…

Come to Lebaohan Corp. . to choose the best products and services for yourself!